BRB Long Life Concentrate Coolant

BRB LONG LIFE COOLANT when mixed with the appropriate amount of water, is used as a cooling and heat transferring fluid in combustion engines. The heat of the internal combustion is transferred via the fluid to the radiator where the mixture is cooled by means of airflow. BRB Long Life Coolant is an ethylene glycol based fluid that provides maintenance free protection against freezing and boiling but also against corrosion.Extended coolant life, often for the whole life of the engine or vehicle, is obtained through the use of virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors. This product is OEM approved by SCANIA and DAF.


BRB Long Life Coolant provides long life frost and corrosion protection. To ensure good corrosion protection it is recommended to use at least 33 vol. % of BRB Long Life Coolant in the coolant solution. This provides frost protection to -20°C. Typical mixtures in Northern Europe are 50/50, offering frost protection down to -40°C. Mixtures with more than 70 vol. % BRB Long Life Coolant in water are not recommended. The maximum frost protection (about -69°C) is obtained at 68 vol.

BRB Long Life Coolant may be used with confidence in engines manufactured from cast iron, aluminium or combinations of the two metals, and in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys. BRB Long Life Coolant is particularly recommended for hi-tech engines, where high temperature aluminium protection is important.


BRB Long Life Coolant provides long life protection against all forms of corrosion by the use of optimized and patented organic corrosion inhibitors. Excellent and lasting high temperature corrosion protection is provided for the aluminium heat transfer surfaces contained in modern engines. The inhibitors package of BRB Long Life Coolant offers excellent cavitation protection even without using nitrite or nitrite-based supplemental coolant additives (SCA’s)

BRB Long Life Coolant offers many benefits to the engine designer as well as to the user:

  • Extended life by synergistic combination
  • Improved heat transfer leaves more flexibility to engine design
  • Reduces repairs to thermostat, radiator and water pump
  • Reliability, depletion free and stable inhibitor
  • Improved hard water stability absence of silicates and phosphates
  • Save time and money, maintenance free coolant
  • Suitable for mixed fleets. 1 coolant for automotive & heavy duty application
  • Environmentally friendly by using carboxylic acids in the additive package


BRB Long Life Coolant is compatible with most other coolants based on ethylene glycol. Exclusive use of BRB Long Life Coolant is, however, recommended for optimum corrosion protection and sludge control. Also, the use of soft water is preferred for dilution. Though, lab testing has shown that acceptable corrosion results are still obtained with water of 20°dH, containing up to 500 ppm chlorides and 500 ppm sulfates.


200Litre, 20 Litre drums


Please note that there are too many specifications for this product to list, if you would like the comprehensive list please don’t hesitate to ask us for the complete data sheet.

BRB Long Life Coolant meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • OEM approval from SCANIA & DAF
  • Cummins IS series & N14, 32-9011
  • Detroit Diesel Power Cool Plus
  • Deutz 0199-99-1115 (2), 0199-99-2091 (4)
  • Ford WSS-M97B44-D, CMR 8229
  • GM 6277M (+B040 1065), QL 130100
  • John Deere JDMH5
  • Komatsu 07.892 (2001)
  • MAN 324 Typ SNF, MAN 324, D36 5600
  • Mazda MEZ MN 121 D
  • Volvo 014 GS 17009, 41-01-001/- S Type D, 128 6083 / 002
  • VW TL-774 D = G12, TL-774 F=G12+, 61-0-0257
  • Japanese JASO M325, JIS K2234
  • NATO Standards NATO S-759

50% dilution

40% dilution

33% dilution






ASTM D1287

Foaming properties at 25°C

50 ml typ.

ASTM D1881

Break time

5 sec typ.

Foaming properties at 88°C

50 ml typ.

50 ml typ.

ASTM D1881

Break time

5 sec typ.

5 sec typ.

Initial crystallization

< – 37°C

< – 24°C

< – 18°C

ASTM D1177

Freezing protection

-40°C typ.

-27°C typ.

-20°C typ.

Specific gravity at 20°C

1.068 typ.

1.056 typ.

1.053 typ.

ASTM D1122

Reserve alkalinity (pH 5.5)

3.0 typ.

2.4 typ.

2.1 typ.

ASTM D1121

Refractive Index at 20°C

1.385 typ.

1.369 typ.

ASTM D1218

Equilibrium boiling point

108°C typ.

104°C typ.

ASTM D1120

Effect on non-metals

No effect

No effect

No effect

GME60 255

Staining characteristics

No effect

ASTM D1882

Hard water stability

No precipitate

VW PV 1426

NOTE: Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Values stated are average values only, and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.