LS EP-00 Semi-Fluid

LS EP-00 is a semi fluid lithium 12 hydroxy lubricating grease formulated with only the highest quality base oils available, and is fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as extreme pressure additives. This product has been formulated with a special additive package which insures high film strength, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties. LS EP-00 is suitable for use wherever NLGI 00 is specified such as centralised systems, slasher gear boxes, fifth wheel and grease filled hubs. As well as rotary mower gear boxes, steering gears and auger gear boxes.


180Kg Drums, 20Kg Pails, Carton of 20 450gsm Cartridges



NLGI Grade 00
Thickener Type Lithium
Thickener % 3 – 5
Texture Smooth
Colour Amber
Worked Penetration, ASTM D-217, 60 strokes 400 – 430
Rust Prevention, ASTM D-1743, Rating Pass
Copper Corrosion, ASTM D-4048, Rating 1b
Oxidation Stability, ASTM D-942, PSI Drop 10
Four Ball Wear, ASTM 2266, mm Scar Dia 0.45
Four Ball EP Weld Point, ASTM D-2596, Min 250
Four Ball Load Wear Index, ASTM D-2596, Kgf 40
Timken OK Load, ASTM D-2509, LB 40
Base Oil Characteristics
Base Oil Viscosity:
          At 100°C, cSt 155.5 – 17.5
          At 40°C, cSt 180 – 210
          At 210°C, SUS 78 – 90
          At 100°C, SUS 900 – 1100
          Viscosity Index, Min 80

NOTE: Due to continual product research and development, the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Values stated are average values only, and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.